Sell in installments your rooms

with holipay

holipay is the installment payment solution chosen by hospitality facilities of every type and size that want to give their guests' every need.

Who is holipay for?

It's ideal for any type of hospitality facility:

  • Hotels and hotel chains
  • Bed & breakfasts
  • Room rentals
  • Tourist resorts and campgrounds
  • Real estate agencies
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Approval guaranteed

With holipay we approve the 100% of your guests, offering them the possibility of deferring payment without worries. An exclusive service that can revolutionize your direct sales.

Freedom without documents

Forget the bureaucracy! With holipay, we don't require any documents from your guests, making the booking process quick and easy.

Hospitality without borders

We accept customers of all nationalities, expanding your market and making your hotel a global destination.

Increase average spending
thanks to a different perspective

Guests love to split the payment when booking because it makes confirming the reservation even easier.

It can be perfectly integrated with your sales tools
Discover how it works

How holipay works

The hotel activates payment in installments on its website without any activation costs.

holipay allows your guests to pay in installments between the booking day and the check out day with two payments per month + one payment at check-in and one at check-out. First fixed installment upon booking of €49.

All this at no additional cost to your guest.

Your hotel receives customer payments into its bank account at the established deadlines like a normal credit, debit or prepaid card collection.

Individual payments are considered deposits and cancellation policies are those decided by your hotel.

Even if the guest does not pay an installment, the policies decided by your hotel apply and it can also be paid directly at check-in or check-out.

holipay accepts 100% of guests from all over the world, without credit checks, without asking for documents and without amount limits. All you need is a credit card.

holipay is compatible with all major booking systems.


holipay is smart with no strings attached
How much does it cost?

No activation or Subscription fees

There are no activation fees and you don't have to subscribe or register.



Installment fee: 2.4%* (including fees from Stripe, as well as Visa or Mastercard).
Stripe fees per installment: €0.25*.
 *amount subject to VAT.

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